ercol Originals: How they are made

ercol Originals: How they are made


The ercol Originals are timeless pieces from ercol that date back to their inception in the 1950′ and 60’s. These pieces were designed by the founder of ercol, Lican Ercolani, who gained inspiration for pieces from his local area in the Chiltern Hills.

This history has made the ercol Originals British classics, when it comes to their shape and design and very recognisable. Now the Originals are available to clients with the same philosophy as when they were made. Originally utilising Beech and Elm, for both the beauty of the grain and the strength of Beech timber.

The first piece in the collection was the Windsor Chair, with subsequent pieces such as the Loveseat, coming in 1956. If you want to view all of the ercol Originals they are available on the Temperature Design Trade website.



A common question we get from clients is what goes into making the ercol furniture pieces. Known for their quality and longevity, ercol has established a reputation in 100 years of history.

Still lending techniques and materials to their beginnings in the mid-century, ercol is very much a family operation, with the founder, Lucian Ercolani’s grandson, Edward Tadros, running operations today.



Using an artisan technique, known as steam bending, ercol is one of the few companies still able produce accessible furniture with this method. The wood is steamed and bent into shape. This method leaves a permanent bend to the furniture and can be seen by in some favourite pieces such as the Quaker Chair and the Butterfly Chair.

Assembly and sanding 

Assembly of ercol pieces takes a certain touch, and it’s not uncommon for workers to be with ercol for over 30 years. Hammering the pieces into the place the details are judged by trained eye, to ensure the quality of each product that leaves assembly. The pieces are also sanded ensuring an even and consistent texture.


All ercol pieces are finished in a water based lacquer that depending on the piece can also be in a half finish or a full colour finish. Natural finishes prove popular adding depth to the appearance of the timber.

Final finishes are done with sanding as ercol workmen use their experience to ensure the quality of the piece.

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